1) How is Bitly different from Goo.gl or other URL shorteners?

Bitly is a Link Management Platform with millions of users ranging from individuals and small businesses to two thirds of the Fortune 500, and who together create billions of links every year.  

Unlike most URL shorteners, Bitly goes beyond shortening by letting you:

      • brand and customize links
      • track real-time click data
      • learn your top referrers and locations, for each link and for all links
      • build Bitly into your workflow through custom or thousands of existing integrations


As the largest Link Management Platform on the planet with a decade-long history, you can also rest assured that Bitly is here to stay. Unlike other choices on the market, links are our core business and as such we’re dedicated to investing in the convenience, reliability, and security of our links and platform.

Check out our Tips to Migrate from Google URL Shortener to Bitly to get started!