What can I learn from my Stats page?

You can discover a lot of cool things! 

First, you can sort your links by date created, total clicks or link title in alphabetical order. Just use the small dropdown menu at the top of your stats page.

When you first view your stats page, you will see total clicks for all the Bitlinks you have saved.

'Clicks via your Bitlink' represent how many times your individual Bitlink has been clicked.

'Total Clicks' represent the total number of clicks from ALL Bitlinks that were saved which direct to that long URL.

'Total Saves' represents how many Bitly users have saved that long URL in total.

Underneath this list, you will see all click activity for your Bitlinks over the past 30 days.

The bar graph represents clicks per a certain time period. Use the drop down menu at the top right of the graph to select a specific time frame to view.

The two pie graphs at the bottom of the page provide a representation of referral traffic by web source and country.

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