What is a stats page?

The stats pages let you see total click counts (how many times people have clicked on your bitly shortlink) for a link that you have shared. You can also see referral traffic like the domains or countries that your clicks came from.

We have two different stats pages on bitly. The stats page for all of your bitly links and the individual link stats page for a particular shortlink.

1. To see stats for all of your links, click 'Stats', located under the 'Your Stuff' tab when signed in. 

2. To see stats for a specific shortlink, click the 'i' icon of a shortlink in your list - you'll land on the info/stats page for that shortlink.

Trick from the bitly team: If you add a ‘+’  to the end of any bitly link and enter it into your browser, the info/stats page for that specific link will appear. Ooh la la.

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