What is the Bitly info page?


The improved link stats view -- which you can access by adding a “+” to any Bitlink or by clicking “view stats” on any link in your history -- shows you much more than just the number of times your link has been clicked. You can now compare your Bitlink’s performance to that of all Bitlinks pointing to the same content, find out who else is sharing a Bitlink to the same content, and see what social networks and geographic regions are providing traffic easier than ever before.


A better bar graph


The bar graph at the center of the link stats page now lets you visualize your link’s traffic alongside that of all Bitly links pointing to the same content. Use the toggle above the graph to turn these data sets on and off. View stats for the past hour, day, week or month by selecting one of the time options listed above the graph on the left.




Other Bitly users who shared the same link


Interested in comparing your click stats to those of other Bitly users? At the bottom of the page, you can view other people who shared a Bitlink to the same content. You will see up to six people, sorted by the number of clicks their link received. This list will only display people who have publicly saved this link with Bitly. (Learn more about the difference between public and private links here.)


See which social networks are driving traffic to your link


Below the bar graph, you will see the list of domains where your Bitlink was clicked. Clicks from large social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or Google+ are added up and displayed together. Even better, if you connect your Twitter account to Bitly, you can see recent tweets that include a link to the content you saved.


Any clicks on domains that are not part of a major social network, such as a small blog or corporate website, will be represented under “other”.


Where in the world your clicks are coming from


You can now gain a better understanding of where your Bitlink is being clicked with a heat map that displays countries with higher click rates in red. To the right of the map, you will see a list breakdown of clicks by country, as we ll as the percentage of the total clicks that came from that country.


Want to hide the Bitly info page? 

This functionality is made available to certain tiers of Bitly Brand Tools. Email your Success Manager at customersuccess@bitly.com for more information!

Didn't find what you're looking for? Contact Support

Didn't find what you're looking for? Contact Support