Knowledge Base

  1. Joining the Bitly community 

    1. What is Bitly?
    2. How do I sign up for an account?
    3. Select your profile picture
    4. What is a Bitlink?
    5. How do I reset my password?
  2. Paid Features: Account set-up 

    1. (Paid) How do I add a user with an existing Bitly account?
    2. (Paid) How do I add / edit users in my account?
    3. (Paid) How do I set permissions for my User Seats?
    4. (Paid) How do I add auto-branded domains?
    5. How do I connect my Facebook and Twitter account to Bitly?
  3. Shortening and Sharing Bitlinks 

    1. How do I shorten a link?
    2. Where can I find and copy a Bitlink?
    3. How do I copy a Bitlink directly to my clipboard? (One Click Shorten)
    4. I just got a message that says I’ve hit a limit of 10,000 shortlinks. What does that mean?
    5. How do I share to Facebook and Twitter?
  4. Paid Features: How to shorten, share and save Bitlinks 

    1. (Paid) How do I enable branding for sub-accounts?
    2. (Paid) How can I schedule a post?
    3. (Paid) Where can I see all my drafted and scheduled posts?
    4. (Paid) Can I change the timezone for scheduling my posts?
    5. (Paid) How do I upload a photo with my Facebook post?
  5. Organizing and Searching Links 

    1. How do I edit the title of a Bitlink?
    2. How do I delete a Bitlink?
    3. How can I archive Bitlinks in bulk?
    4. How do I unarchive a shortlink?
    5. How can I sort or organize my Bitlinks?
  6. Bundling and curating 

    1. What is a bundle?
    2. How do I edit my bundle? Can I add titles, descriptions and comments to my bundles?
    3. How do I add a curator to a bundle, and what does that mean?
    4. What happens if I add a private Bitlink to a bundle?
    5. How do I remove a Bitlink from my bundle?
  7. Click counts and stats on your links 

    1. What can I learn from my Stats page?
    2. What is the Bitly info page?
    3. How many clicks did my Bitlink receive?
    4. Where can I view the source data for an individual link?
    5. What does “direct (email, IM, apps)” data in the info page mean?
  8. "Your network" view 

    1. How do I save and share a link that I discover via the ‘your network’ view?
    2. What does ‘saved by x number of Bitizens’ mean?
    3. What’s ‘your network’ all about?
  9. API and technical questions 

    1. Where do I find Bitly's API documentation?
    2. How do I find my oauth access token?
    3. Can I build an application that uses Bitly?
    4. How do I find my API key?
    5. How does a Bitly link work?
  10. Privacy, spam & blocking 

    1. What is the difference between a public and private Bitlink or bundle?
    2. (Paid) How can I make a Bitlink (or all Bitlinks) private?
    3. Can I edit privacy settings for Bitlinks in bulk?
    4. How do I change my privacy settings?
    5. How does Bitly use cookies? Is my data safe?
  11. Bitly on the go 

    1. Do you have a browser plugin?
    2. I went to install the Bitly Chrome extension, and it said something really scary about how you can see every page I visit. Are you tracking me?
    3. What is the bitmarklet?
    4. What's the Chrome Extension?
    5. iPhone app: Is there a mobile app?
  12. All articles 

    1. (Paid) Can I change the timezone for scheduling my posts?
    2. (Paid) Can I download my account data?
    3. (Paid) Can I mark content in notifications as “read” in bulk?
    4. (Paid) Can I view my click/link data as a trend over time?
    5. (Paid) How can I find data for one specific link?

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