Knowledge Base

  1. Joining the bitly community 

    1. How do I sign up for an account?
    2. What is bitly?
    3. Select your profile picture
    4. What is a URL?
    5. What is a shortlink?
  2. Paid Features: Account set-up 

    1. (Paid) How do I add a user that already has a bitly account?
    2. (Paid) How can I add domains that need to be branded?
    3. (Paid) What are the different permission settings for users?
    4. (Paid) How do I add / edit users in my account?
    5. (Paid) Where can I find a list of the links I have shortened?
  3. Saving bitly links 

    1. How do I shorten a link?
    2. How do I save/share a link?
    3. How do I copy a link directly to my clipboard? (One Click Shorten)
    4. How do I get the bitmarklet or chrome extension?
    5. How do I remove or archive a shortlink from my stuff?
  4. Paid Features: Shortening, Sharing and customizing your links 

    1. (Paid) How do I enable branding for sub-accounts?
    2. (Paid) Can I edit a link that is already created?
    3. (Paid) How do add custom keywords?
    4. (Paid) Where can I see all my drafted and scheduled posts?
    5. (Paid) How can I schedule a post?
  5. Sharing bitly links 

    1. Where can I find and copy a shortlink?
    2. How do I connect my Facebook and Twitter account to bitly?
    3. How do I share to Facebook and Twitter?
    4. How do I connect my bitly account to other social sharing tools I use?
    5. Where do I find my share history?
  6. Editing and customizing links 

    1. Can I edit/change a bitly link once it has been shared?
    2. My customized link has already been taken?
    3. How do I customize a link?
    4. How do I delete a link?
    5. How do I edit the title of a link?
  7. Click counts and stats on your links 

    1. What can I discover through my stats page?
    2. What can I see when I view link stats? (link stats page)
    3. How many times was my shortlink clicked on? (See shortlink stats)
    4. Where can I view the source data for an individual link?
    5. What does “direct (email, IM, apps)” data in the info page mean?
  8. Paid Features: Understanding your account data 

    1. (Paid) Can I view my click/link data as a trend over time?
    2. (Paid) Can I download my account data?
    3. (Paid) How can I find data for one specific link?
    4. (Paid) How do I select a custom date range?
    5. (Paid) Can I see where people clicked on my link from?
  9. Account access and logging in 

    1. I forgot my password
    2. What is my username if I signed up with Twitter or Facebook?
    3. How do I delete my account?
    4. How do I change my username?
    5. How do I change my email address?
  10. Paid Features: Social Media Monitoring  

    1. (Paid) How can I add a keyword to be monitored?
    2. (Paid) How do I use syntax to optimize my results within Monitoring?
    3. (Paid) What is a "Bitly Search Score"?
    4. Is there API access to the monitoring tools?
  11. iPhone app 

    1. Is there a mobile app?
    2. iPhone app: How do I make my links public or private?
    3. iPhone app: How do I log out or access my settings page?
    4. iPhone app: How do I copy my shortlink?
    5. iPhone app: How do I archive a link?
  12. Spam and site blocking 

    1. Can I preview a shortlink before clicking on it?
    2. I've found a bitly link that directs to spam, what should I do?
    3. I’ve found a bitly spam account on Twitter. What should I do?
    4. How can I be sure a bitly link is safe to click on?
    5. Does bitly ever re-use links?
  13. Tips and tricks for advanced users 

    1. What is a custom short domain and why do I want one?
    2. How do I set up a custom short domain?
    3. Can I have more than one custom short domain in my account?
    4. What is a tracking domain?
  14. Privacy: public vs. private 

    1. What is the difference between a public and private shortlink or bundle?
    2. (Paid) How can I make a link (or all links) private?
    3. Can I edit privacy settings for shortlinks in bulk?
    4. How do I change my privacy settings?
    5. How does bitly use cookies? Is my data safe?
  15. Bundling and curating 

    1. How do I create a bundle?
    2. What happens if I add a private shortlink to a bundle?
    3. How do I add a curator to a bundle, and what does that mean?
    4. How do I edit my bundle? Can I add titles, descriptions and comments to my bundles?
    5. How do I delete a bundle?
  16. bitly on the go 

    1. Do you have an extension for Safari or Firefox?
    2. I went to install the bitly Chrome extension, and it said something really scary about how you can see every page I visit. Are you tracking me?
    3. How is the bitly Chrome extension different from or the bitmarklet?
    4. What is the bitmarklet?
    5. What's the Chrome Extension?
  17. Search, notes, and organizing 

    1. How can I sort or organize my shortlinks?
    2. How do I manually organize my links?
    3. How do I unarchive a shortlink?
    4. What are notes?
    5. What's search? How do I search?
  18. "Your network" view 

    1. How do I save and share a link that I discover via the ‘your network’ view?
    2. What does ‘saved by x number of Bitizens’ mean?
    3. What’s ‘your network’ all about?
  19. API and technical questions 

    1. Where do I find bitly’s API documenation?
    2. How do I find my oauth access token?
    3. Can I build an application that uses bitly?
    4. How do I find my API key?
    5. How does a bitly link work?
  20. All articles 

    1. (Paid) Can I change the timezone for scheduling my posts?
    2. (Paid) Can I customize my Quick Copy button?
    3. (Paid) Can I download my account data?
    4. (Paid) Can I edit a link that is already created?
    5. (Paid) Can I include parameters for my Quick Copy link?

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